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Best time to visit Rongbuk Monastery

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Rongbuk Monastery is located in the Shigatse Region, southwest of the mysterious Tibet Autonomous Region, and to the north of the oblate Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world. 

Rongbuk Monastery is open for visitors from April to November. The best time for viewing the true majesty of Mt. Everest is from late April to early June, and from early September to October, with little rain, and the air is bright and clear. The weather is ideal to enjoy Mt. Everest and oxygen content is competitively sufficient to acclimatize the high altitude.  

November is also a good time with the highest visibility in the air, without any rain at all, despite it being a little chilly, you can explore this region to your heart's content. Besides, budget travelers prefer November. Not only can they benefit from the year-low flight/train ticket and discounted hotels but also enjoy the most intense religious atmosphere and diverse Tibetans festivals one after another.

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