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Cebitcoin - 100% Legit & Paying PTC Bitcoin Earning Website, Click & Surf to Earn Bitcoin, Withdrawal without Investment

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Cebitcoin website is absolutely 100% Legit and Paying PTC Website

Click & Surf to Earn Bitcoin 

Cebitcoin is UNIQUE PTC/ADS-Site where You Can Earn Bitcoin Online.

Earn Bitcoin viewing (=surfing) Articles, Ads, Videos with no captcha & timer.

Also participation in Lotteries, referring Friends.

Withdrawal starts from 5000 Points (=$10) without Investment

The website converts Points into Bitcoin.

You can get your payment to any Bitcoin wallet or to PayPal.

You MUST NOT deposit to withdraw your payment.

When registered on my ref link you will get automatically 1000 Points (=$2)


Please, after registration send me Private Message ant tell what is your Nick in Cebitcoin. I will send my referrals Gift Coupons from time to time.

I am the member of Cebitcoin Team since the 4th of August, 2021.

I have got 5 payments from Cebitcoin - totally $50 in Bitcoin:

  1. 0.00019886 BTC (on the 4th of September
  2. 0.00021820 BTC (on the 14th of September)
  3. 0.00020756 BTC (on the 19th of September)
  4. 0.00023693 BTC (on the 29th of September)
  5. 0.00019474 BTC (on the 6th of October)

Here are proofs of Payment from Cebitcoin to me.

The only you must do - Surf the links:

Click the link - 1 Point (-on Read More-)

After click there will be a green small window in the right down corner of the screen

Click Adv Banner - 2 Points

After click there will be a green small window in the right down corner of the screen

Here is smth like INSTRUCTION what to do and how to Surf - it takes only 10 minutes per day

Daily you will get about 100 Points (=400 Bitcoin satoshi)

But for daily activity you can get additional Points from the Project, so you may collect 5000 Points ($10) to withdraw less than 1 month or even 1 week

I also on support with my referrals and share with them Gift Coupons witch are only for my referrals.

for example, my one day -  115 Points:

1 click on Support/FAQ/For what you get points -  1 Point

1 click on Dashboard/Withdraw - 1 Point

1 click on Dashboard/Upgrade -1 Point

1 click on Advertisement - 1 Point

6 clicks on Win/Lottery - 6 Points (you must click 6 times on each -Read More-) - 6 Points

1 click on Content/View PTC Website (you must 1 click on -Read More-) - 1 Point

1 click on Content/View Advertise Network (you must 1 click on -Read More-) - 1 Point

5 clicks on Content/View Videos (you must 5 times click -Read More- under each Video) - 5 Points

3 clicks on Content/View Website Traffic Tools (you must click on -Read More-) - 3 Points

15 clicks on Content/View Articles (you must 15 times click on -Read More- under each Article) - 15 PointsClicks

Clicks in  View Advertisements (you will get  2 Points per each Adv Banner click):

I have clicked on 40 Adv Banners, each Banner for 2 Points - so, I have got 80 Points


Totally: 1+1+1+1+6+1+1+5+3+15+80 = 115 Points


If you will be active every day, you will get additional Gift Coupons

for example, my Gift Coupons for 2000 Points ($4) & for 3000 Points

Any Coupon must be put in - DASHBOARD/MY ACCOUNT/PROFILE under Statistic

To understand easy how and where to click correspond my Instruction with the main MENU of the website  - see MENU screenshots

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My Proofs of Payments:

Proofs of Payment

Proofs of Payments-2

Commonly Visible Withdrawal Statistic is available now

Withdrawal Statistic

From this List 19 Withdrawals are mine & my referrals (5 are mine, 14 are my referrals)

To know where & how to surf please correspond Instruction from my first Post with Cebitcoin MENU Sections




These are Article

Article (View Articles)

These are Banners

Banners (View Advertisements)

Any GIFT Coupon must be put here- DASHBOARD/MY ACCOUNT/PROFILE under Statistic

Where GIFT Coupon must be inserted to

My GIFT Coupon for 2000 Points ($4)

GIFT Coupon





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Special Offer for my Referrals only - $10 per Youtube Video about Cebitcoin.
Who creates any video about Cebitcoin and uploads to Youtube (with ref. link) will receive $10 per video. EN / RU minimum 5 min video.

The video must be high quality and accompanied by real voice.
After upload video in Youtube contact Cebitcoin Team with the Note in Letter Subject «Special Offer for Nickcrypto Referrals <Your Cebitcoin Nick>— $10 for Cebitcoin Video» and send link to video.

Video must be sent up to and including Sunday, 24th of October 2021 (Monday, 25th of October 2021 is not taken)
Important! To know where to send video please PM me and tell your Cebitcoin Nick or write here in this Post

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500 POINTS GIFT Coupon
Coupon Code: 6QTFEXKU
Expires: 2021-10-27 18:08 due to Cebitcoin server time
If Coupon didn’t apply simply refresh the internet page several times after Coupon applying
Cebitcoin server time now is 2021-10-26 19:57
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Cebitcoin Team is leaving on Short Holiday and will not be in the office for 3 days.

Payments will be made from 2021.11.09


Amount of Banners in Content/View Advertisements is enlarged, so users can click not only 100, but 200 Points daily that is due to current Bitcoin course is more than 600 satoshis

For this reason clicks keep from 20 to 30 minutes

Totally nowadays there are more than 50 Banners daily to click and more than 40 Links daily to click!

for example, my Points


on the 3d of November was my 6th Withdrawal - $20 (0.00031951 BTC)

(Totally I have earned 70$ - 0.00137580 BTC)

on the 4th of November I was upgraded to BRONZE status because of aid to my referral not to be banned

BRONZE status gives 3 Points for click on link (Content/View Articles-View Videos-View PTC Websites-View Website Traffic Tools-View Advertise Network) and 4 Points for click on Banner (Content/View Advertisements)


Proofs of Payment $20



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